The Insurance Only CRM Package

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Designed for Easy Use

We have designed our system with ease of use in mind, saving you time and money.

Feature Rich

We have created a really generous list of features, all to help you save time.

Your Data is Secure

We always keep your data safe with our hourly backups and SSL.

Always Available

We use cloud based technologies so you can always access your clients.

Comprehensive, yet simple to use.

A CRM system doesn't have to be complicated, in fact we wanted it to be as simple and as hassle free as possible.

Insurance and compliance systems tend to be clunky often taking up to 7 different processes to achieve one task within 1 client, now it can all be done under one roof, under one client and without the hassle of re-keying data over and over.

One23 CRM hasn't just thrown out the rule book it has re written it, with every feature, every tab, every task you undertake to be as simple as possible. After using this system for just a couple of hours you'll feel like you know like the back of your hand.

Over 100 ways to make life easier.

Fully loaded doesn't even come close to how many features our CRM has. As mentioned the days of re-keying data have gone and our integrations make things smoother and more efficient saving you time and money.

Features can be one thing but it's usually a case of knowing how to use them that can cause the problems, with One23 you won't even know, the whole client experience from start to finish is seamless. Our multi quote engine allows you to simply enter details once and obtain 9 quotes at a time.

Compliance is important we all know that and our CRM is the most transparent and compliant friendly offering on the market, yet all the time following our ethos of simplicity and no re-keying of data.

Safety as standard.

256 Encryption ensures your data is safe. Standard CRM packages do not offer this level of security but we recognise your clients are your business and their trust in you is why they gave you the business in the first place. So using One23 really is putting your clients in safe hands.

Our system is backed up every hour to ensure that if any glitches do occur they can easily be rectified by our support team. As well as this your data is backed up off-site and on 4 alternative servers, meaning that if one goes down the CRM doesn't. Our clients are our number one priority and we realise that accessibility to your clients at any time of the day is imperative.

Your clients, anytime, anywhere.

Because we are cloud based there is never any software to download and where ever you have a phone signal or internet connection you are always connected. One23 is the only insurance CRM that allows you to have all your client data at your fingertips any time, any place, anywhere.

It has been designed with modern day technology in mind, from our desktop version to the ipad mini version. Our software simply scales down to the size of screen you are using which means you still have all of the data in front of you without scrolling around.

Better still we have a scaled down mobile version for use with any smartphone, so if you don't have access to wifi - simply login using your phones signal. With the added bonus of navigation to a clients door and the UK's only true whole of market protection quote engine you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

The Ultimate Insurance Based CRM Solution

All the features we need to save time and grow your business