We have integrated our system with several different suppliers, all of which bring their own features to enhance our system even further.

Please see below to find our more.

Duedil Integration

We have teamed up with a leading proivder of company details. Using this partner we can provide you with details including registered company address, incorporation date and much, much more!

View My Documents For Faster Closing of Sales

Getting important documents signed by a client can usually take time, with viewmydocuments integration simply upload what document needs signing to their account, they can then print and scan directly in to viewmydocuments where it will automatically appear under that client, saving time and closing sales faster.

Text Messaging Isn't Just For Fun!

Keep in touch with your clients, never be told that your email didn't come through! Send a message straight to their phone.

If you require additional text/sms credits, it can be purchased in blocks of 20, 50, 100 or 200 with prices starting from only 5p per message.

Introducing View My Documents

The easy way to send documents to a client.
Using this feature you can share a range of documents including illustration, comparison reports and more.

If you require files from the client, for example a passport or driving licence, the client can upload the file and share it instantly with you.

When the file is no longer needed it can be easily deleted or unshared.

Free Website Integration For Every Paying Account

Our system is fully integrated with Webline which means no logging in and out to transfer quotes from one system to another. This account is free with every type of paying account, this service on it's own would normally cost £11 per month!

Don't Shy Away From Social Media, Embrace It!

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become a part of everyday life not just for keeping up with friends but for doing business. Our social media integration means you can add your clients profile address and it will automatically display their picture in your client list, as well as quick linking you to their profile and displaying their Twitter feed, you will be able to see what they are up to and build more rapport.