Have It Your Way

Customization is as standard with One23, from changing the colours to suit your style to building your own groups of specific clients, whether it be a front end user or a manager account you'll have full customizable solutions.

Choose From 7 Stunning Themes

We have created 7 eye-catching designs. Quickly change from style to style whatever the mood that day.

You no doubt use a company software programme or your own solution that looks the same everyday, we realise that people are individual and one style does not suit all. That's why we created different themes to match what type of person you are.


Customize your client lists with tagging. For instance you might want to create a list of clients from a various lead source or want to make another list for clients that have buildings and contents or those that have unemployment cover. The list is endless and helps you identify selling opportunities to a specific demographic of client within seconds.

But Wait, There's More!

One Time Insurer Setup

You only need to set up you insurer mailing list once and then you can enjoy a superfast quote process from start to finish. Within settings you have the option to only add insurers you use, this is a revolutionary way to quote for group medical insurance as you only ever need to click one button and all insurers will receive your quote requests with data they can actually understand.

Set Permissions for Managers

If you have a managers account, our system allows you to set permissions for sub accounts. If your company is a telesales operation and you don't want certain information being displayed or edited by operators, then this can be set at any time. Also in management accounts it is available to see team view of sales pipeline or individual stats, as well as being able to see all tasks at individual or group level.