Fully Tracked Sales Solution

What good would a CRM be without the ability to track sales? Our sales pipeline function gives you the data you need to know without the need for over complicating. Tracking your sales progress and conversion rates don't get any easier than this. Watch this space as more great features for the sales pipeline will be appearing soon!

Pipeline Report

Using pipeline report is the best way to monitor your sales progress. One23 gives you several different data sets relating to opportunities you have with your client. With opportunities you can quickly enter the possible sale to be made, set a predicted percentage of winning the case and how much the value will be worth, this will then filter into the main pipeline to form your Stats. From here you can see your overall pipeline value and the actual value based on your percentages of winning cases.

Conversion Rates

This feature is a great way to keep track of how your sales are going. As well as providing real time bar charts to monitor your progress over the last few months, it also shows your conversion rates month to date, last 90 days and year to date, as well as providing you with an overview of what you have actually made in sales for those same time periods.

Tagging Opportunities

This is where collation of data within our system really comes into its own, similar to tagging with clients you can view specific types of opportunities based on what tag you have assigned to that opportunity. For instance, if you want to look at all the clients you didn't close business on for life cover in August 2013 or buildings and contents that you won that has a value higher than £300 per annum, no problem you can have as many tags as you want to identify new sales or manage existing ones.