Multi Quote Engine

We have developed an extremely handy feature called Mutli Quote. This allows you to create one quote but up to receive nine quotes back with different benefit amounts, saving you time and money.

For more information, please see below.

A Solution for Business Protection

Whether it be keyman, shareholder or loan protection, a multi quote is a much easier way of providing your client with a multitude of different options to match their needs. A business will always want to see alternative pricings and options, this provides you with all of that but 9 times quicker!

A Solution for Personal Protection

Personal clients like to have options, whether it be to match their budget or because they are considering purchasing more cover for family protection. Our multi quote engine will give them lots of different options but in a fraction of the time. From start to finish obtaining 9 quotes at one time take under 30 seconds!

The Quickest Way to Find the Best Solution

Using the multi quote engine and our comparison reports you are easily able to find the best solution in the least amount of time.