For Personal

The most comprehensive, yet simple method of quoting available on the market today. One23 has been designed for brokers by brokers, so we understand how important it is to have a simple, yet effective quoting system that is easy to explain to your personal clients.

The Fastest, Simplest Way to Quote

Input times will be halved when using our system, the simplicity and speed at which you can quote is like no other, simply create a client and all details are pre entered when quoting. A client makes his mind up 30 days after the original quote, simply click requote on the required amount and within seconds the quote is returned.

Mobile Quoting on the Go

Mobile sites are not only becoming more popular but becoming the norm in everyday life, if you can't access our full site you can quote using your smart phone, this still provides whole of market quotes and again is exclusive to One23.

Customisable Comparison Reports

For protection quotes if you are used to using Avelo, I-pipeline, Webline etc you are used to having a generic unattractive quote comparison to provide to your client, with One23 simply upload your company logo and it will appear on every quote you send to your clients.

Everything in One Place

A true "everything in one place experience" all quotes whether it be PMI or protection are held in one convenient loaction for easy access and viewing, and more importantly always held under each individual client.

Buy Through Function

Purchase quoted products easily and securely using the providers online application system. This naturaly drags through pre-populated details to prevent re-keying.

Requote in Seconds!

As previously mentioned we have done away with the need to go back into your quote engine to find the quote and re-quote all over again, simply click one button on the product you have previously quoted and it re prices within seconds.