Client Management

Everything our system has to offer has been built around your client, so you never have to venture away from the CRM. All the information from emails to text messages to all compliance documentation is all done and held under each individual client, meaning one system for all your processes.

Communication History

With full communication history you will always have a detailed list of what you have been talking to the client about, no more writing on scraps of paper and then having to re write the notes on another system. One23 not only lets you see valuable information you have recorded in the past to help you with future sales but also provides the best compliance solution on the market as everything is all recorded in one place. Texts, emails and notes can all be viewed with the click of a button.

File & Document Storage

By using our file storage system you can safely store important files relating to that client. All files can be found quickly and efficiently under conveniently built tabs and at a glance you can find what you are looking for, most of our system automatically saves quote and compliance related documents so you don't have to, but you have the option to upload whatever you want under specific field headings.

All files and documents are securely stored and backed up every hour as part of our standard security process.

Tasks & Calendar

The only way to know how good our calendar function is, is by using it for yourself. All tasks can be added at anytime while you are in the client and you have the option to make your own task subjects, this can then be viewed by specific task in the main calendar. Reminders can be set for any task and you will receive an email daily with what activities you have on that particular day. It does so much more, so give it a test drive today.

Policy Information

Store your clients current policy details including renewal dates, policy numbers and more.

Renewal dates can easily be added to the calandar and tasks can be set up to remind you closer to the time.

Email & Text/SMS

One23 is the only insurance CRM that offers you the option of texting your clients directly out of the system, this is a great way to get a response if your client does not have access to their emails or are at their desk, as with emails it keeps a full record under that client what texts have been sent as part of an audit trail. Text messaging is also a great way to market to a specific group of clients and has a massive 57% more read through rate than standard emails.