For Business

Whether it be business protection, commercial insurance or group medical insurance, our CRM is designed to make this process as hassle free as possible, there is no system like it anywhere else on the market that cuts processing in some cases by 80%!

Employee List Import

You can easily import a complete employee list. Once the list is in our system, you can quickly quote for protection products by simply selecting the employee from a list.

The employees details will be pre-populated.

Getting Company PMI Quotes Couldn't Be Easier!

Traditionally getting group medical quotes tends to be a long drawn out affair. Obtaining the data, if you're lucky enough a spreadsheet, if its a smaller company jotted down on a piece of paper, then you have to either write it out in an email or send as an attachment. Having to send to each individual insurer and then sift through your emails from insurers and store in a folder.

With One23, set up your insurer list once, either import, attach or use our lightning quick data collection form, then click once for it to be sent to all insurers and ALL quotes come back straight into your client, no more sifting, no more hassle.

All Your Quotes Under One Client View

Our client centric ethos means that whatever you quote for will always be held under one client. Gone are the days of trawling through emails to find out what an insurer has quoted for group PMI or commercial insurance, it is all held in one location, extremely easy to find and all attached to that client, which also provides a full audit trail.

No uploading, no rekeying data and no more going through emails and saving attachments to several different locations, it is all seamlessly done for you. Where else can you quote commercial, medical and protection insurance and be stored in one location? The answer - nowhere, only One23 offer this.

How to quote from start to finish in just 5 minutes

Quoting does not get any easier than this, please see our real time video to see just how easy it is to take a quote from start to finish within 5 minutes. This relates to protection insurance for a personal client. With multi quote it makes things even easier.